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​About Bubble City Laundromat

It's always been an honor to live in Baltimore and I was more then surprised when I saw that there was not a decent laundromat in the area. People had to travel far away from this neighborhood to wash their clothes. Then I got an opportunity to start my own laundromat where I could provide state of the art equipment to my community and I jumped at it. I could help my beloved neighbors by providing better service and a better place for them to wash their clothes at an affordable rate.

Bubble City Laundromat has a laundry card system and is fully staffed 24 hours a day. People don't have to scrounge around for quarters any longer, Customer can pay with $ bills and credit card.  We have a Laundry card system where people get the laundry card for free, load their money onto it at an Exchanger, and use the laundry card to activate the machine. If there is money left on the card after finishing your laundry, the money will stay on your card forever and you can use it when you come back next time.